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  1. julee September 10, 2019 Reply

    Hi Eccmart, what can i use for dark knuckles and elbows pleaseeeeee!!!!

    • Eccmart December 11, 2019 Reply

      Call or WhatsApp us on +13475308376 to help you out

  2. julee September 10, 2019 Reply

    hi can you recommend something for dark knuckles?

    • Eccmart September 14, 2019 Reply

      Chloe Kay serum, call or WhatsApp bus on +13475308376

  3. Abby September 14, 2019 Reply


    I was unable to search other products on your website and I know you are close by now to contact on WhatsApp, then a have question regarding the product below .

    Piment Doux Plus Lotion and Serum- Combo

    • Josephinee February 16, 2020 Reply

      Hi how is pushing to Switzerland?

      • Eccmart March 15, 2020 Reply


    • Eccmart September 14, 2019 Reply

      Contact us on WhatsApp

  4. Youyou grey November 19, 2019 Reply

    Looking for a effective cream to lighter the knees, elbow, and removed really bad dark spots please help.

    • Eccmart November 21, 2019 Reply

      Yes call or WhatsApp us on +13475308376. Thanks

  5. Jean December 1, 2019 Reply

    I currently use the gluta 24k soap and gluta 24 whitening lotion it has lightened my face some but has not worked on my hands and arm – any suggestions

    • Eccmart December 11, 2019 Reply

      Use the serum for that. You can call or WhatsApp us for more info

  6. Rossy July 19, 2020 Reply

    I’m new I got this site from a youtuber.

    • Eccmart August 3, 2020 Reply

      How may we assist u

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